Spike light take its name from its spiked pole mount which is typically inserted into the ground, a flower pot or garden bed for customisable installation.Spike light is ideal for general spotlighting throughout the garden. Garden Spike Lights are popular as they are versatile and many different lighting effects can be achieved. Also Led Garden Spike Lights In addition to ‘uplighting’ features such as statues or illuminating small trees, they are great within areas of planting. Garden Spike Lights work well in raised beds, including taller planting and shrubs when longer poles are used. 

Garden Spike lights are light fixtures mounted on long, narrow spikes for easy installation. This type of lighting is limited to soft soil so that the spike can be easily pushed into the ground with little effort. A key benefit of using spike lights is their flexibility. You can endlessly readjust, reposition or reorient your Spike Light after installation. Led Garden Spike lights are preferred for landscape and garden lighting as they don’t require a cement base for mounting.


Practical considerations like material choice, power supply, and water resistance should be your primary concern. Design choices will determine the look of your spike lights in daylight. Balance these factors according to your specifications to get the perfect spike light for your garden. Remember we only sell to lighting professionals with an MOQ (minimum order quantity)