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Nelux (HK) international, ltd , Founded in 2010


Outdoor Lighting Fixtures or Garden lighting Products is installed for a variety of reasons from security lighting to protect your home or to highlight the beautiful areas of your garden.A dazzling range of outdoor lighting for homes and businesses.From spotlights to path lights, recessed in-ground lights and solar lights, pond lights, patio lights, solar floodlights, industrial Floodlight, etc, in our company you will find exactly what you are looking for, contact us if you want to be an importer or contact our area distributor.We usually know that the exterior of your property is often a larger canvas than the interior, Indoor lighting usually has a specific purpose, but outdoor lighting is not restricted to a specific room or space. Lighting the exterior of your property is an opportunity to express your creativity.Exterior lighting can be used to highlighting natural features, trees, shrubs, lawns and pools. we suggest you take a look at our wide range of ground lights and low level spotlights that can illuminate key elements. These lights include spike lights that can be driven into the ground, for example along a planted border. If you have a water feature, we have pond lights to illuminate the water or go through it. If you have any questions, contact us to give you the right solution for your lighting projects.



This page contains a great selection of outdoor lighting and garden lighting for outdoor and garden spaces many with LED. Nelux outdoor lighting is a real contemporary fitting to wow and delight. These exterior lights will help you create ambiance and a sense of theatre, giving you an extra room to your home and your new lighting projects. 

As well as the lights which require some time to install there are also some simple spike lights that can simply be pushed into the ground and switched on. Whichever you choose, we are sure you will will like the selection of garden lights and exterior lighting on offer here. Also you can choose among solar lights , floodlights and High Bay Led Lights. If you require garden lighting design Product service contac us

Led Flood light


Led Bollards


Wall Pack 2022


Inground light


Wall Recessed

Led Projector


Spike Spot Light


Solar Street-Garden Light


Thank you for visiting our website brand of Nelux (HK) International,ltd, our company is specialised in high-quality outdoor lighting, a one-stop supplier for our both trade companies and importers.

With over 30 years of experience in the outdoor lighting market. We have a wealth of experience to provide you with the best outdoor lighting products, which includes our fantastic new range of IP rated LED lamps to ensure a long reliable service. All our lights have top quality, reliability and aesthetics.

We have highly specialised knowledge in designing , producing and distributing outdoor lighting products. We can help you in achieving the best results chosing the best product for your outdoor lighting projects

More than 30 years experience in outdoor lighting, having designed and distributed outdoor lighting solutions for our clients, architects, lighting designers, outdoor designers, etc 

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